Learning To Write: My Public Journey

I started documenting my journey of learning to write well in February 2021. Why?

My mission in sharing these entries is to help and inspire.

Each post contains:

  • My top learnings of the month
  • Book notes
  • Podcast notes
  • Tweet threads I've found
  • Notes from online courses
  • Any handwritten notes I take
  • Examples of exceptional writing I'm collecting
  • The edits my essays undergo to make them readable
  • Quotes and other resources I've stumbled across

On any given month, the post will be in progress. I'm updating each as I advance through the month, rather than publishing on the last day.

All of this is free, no email required.

I only ask that if you feel other writers will find these useful, please share them. If you're a writer yourself, please get in touch. I'd love to chat with and learn from others.

If you're not interested in a brief history of my relationship with writing (I wouldn't be either), skip the first post and dive into February.

Learning to Write 00: Birth - 2021

Learning to Write 01: February 2021

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