A few suggestions:


If you’d like to send me an email, you can do so below. I have a few guidelines to ensure your message ends up in the correct place.

  1. If you’d like to suggest a topic/artist for a video, please do so here. Using this method allows me to keep a ranked tally of every suggestion I have received.
  2. If the question is related to my gear, recommended equipment, favourite software, etc – I’m trying my best to keep an up to date list on the my Kit page.
  3. If you have a music related question that you don’t mind sharing, I ask that you post it in the Discord chat and tag my account. I will still answer personally however, many of the questions I receive are topics others in the Discord may also want an answer too. It also allows others to jump in and offer alternative perspectives.
  4. Following on from the above point, if you’d like to have a conversation with me I ask that you’d contact me on Discord. IM is more fun and less professional, the prerequisites for any good conversation, usually followed with scotch.

P.S. The above is just sorting guidelines, I’d love to hear from you, even if just to say hi! Unless you’re a YouTube advertising network, then don’t even bother.