Share Your Art

Here's the story of how I learned to share my art.

I began writing four years ago.

But, I went through the imposter syndrome phase.

Who am I to start writing?

I'm too old to start something new.

I can just about speak, let alone write.

That last point was especially true.

Being born tongue-tied and undergoing speech therapy until I was eight didn't help my confidence in language.

The trash-talker in my head kept pummelling me into submission.

Eventually, I realised that silencing the self-doubt while avoiding the self-sabotage was like living in a house alive with landmines.

You might lose a leg on the way to the bathroom.

I'm not worried about losing a leg anymore, as I don't need both to write.

That's a little crazy, you may say, but show me a writer who isn't a little crazy.

I discovered that imposter syndrome, self-doubt, and self-sabotage are part of being an artist.

They're the trifecta of creativity.

After I figured that out, I learned a few more things.

Mainly, that it takes courage to create.

You have to care enough to share your art with strangers. To risk being judged and feeling like an imposer.

Exposing yourself, your true self, is intimidating. But, you miss out on the opportunity to improve the world through art.

You can choose to be creative. It's a choice we each make. It requires trust in ourselves and trust in the process.

There is no muse. No outside force. The battle to create is internal.

Art is how we change culture through changing ourselves.

Art has no destination. No right answer.

Art is done for the journey, for the act of simply doing.

Everyone is an artist. Artists are not only those who paint, draw, write or sing. They are each and every one of us. They are the people who open themselves to the world. Who try things that might not work. Who are generous enough to help others.

You'll make mistakes. Mistakes are important. Mistakes are the breadcrumbs of trying to make the world a more interesting place.

To be an artist is to find every which way something won't work. To find the one way that it does.

You can make the world a better place by choosing yourself over ignoring yourself.

But, above all, you need to share your art. If you don't, it doesn't exist. To not share means to not allow art to fulfil its purpose. Your art should help, inspire and care for others long after your gone. That is the power artists haveā€”the power we each have if we choose to.

Art is a gift to the world, a gift we each need.

The world needs you. Art needs you.

Share your art.

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